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CURATOR’S COMMENTS: Crisis: The Day the Oil Stopped Pumping

Crisis: The Day the Oil Stopped Pumping is a photographic narrative that ponders the question of what would happen to the United States if it ran out of oil? Oil is a non-renewable energy resource that is becoming scarce. Currently there is no alternative plan in place for the day when oil can no longer be produced. Without an alternative plan the world will find itself in a time before electricity.

So what would happen the day the oil stops pumping? The affects on medicine, culture, transportation, trade, economic stability and food production would be on a global scale and lead to widespread poverty. Starvation and anarchy would ensue in the most extreme cases and more wars would be waged for the quest for oil. Our daily lives are completely dependent on oil. Is our thirst for oil so great that we are willing to lose a countless amount of lives and destroy the world as we know it?

This project was inspired by the current events surrounding climate change and the energy crisis. My objective is not be lecturing or take sides on a a controversial issue. Instead, the pictures in this piece are meant to provoke thought and become a motivator for change. Lack of political will and a public hesitant to change is tragic. But without a plan for change it will be tragedy for sure. – Rebecca A. Battle

Below is a link to a photographic short that shows our dependence on oil and how integral it is to our daily lives. For the photoplay please visit: