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Rebecca A. Battle is a conceptual, industrial, urban and American photographer. She applies a film professional background to create original photoplays, editorials, and photographic shorts utilizing her surroundings as ready-made set design to visually tell a story. Her work also brings attention to the mundane or abandoned by documenting the erosion of urban and rural America. The monographs suggest a sudden occurrence annihilated life with hardly a trace of human activity.

By combining a film industry background and photography, she creates original concepts and photoplays, and takes advantage of documenting real life stories that unfold in life. For instance, G-Woman is a photoplay about an FBI agent hunting down a criminal in the 1930s’. Or in the case of Board she spent enough time at Venice Skateboard Park to document little stories amongst the skaters.

During her career as a film professional in Los Angeles, Battle has worked in every genre and medium of filmmaking and is a classically trained pianist. She attended the liberal arts college Wilkes-University in Pennsylvania. You can follow her gallery of work and photographic adventures at



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“Flyboy No. 14” “Railyard No. 34” “Board No. 7” See Me Gallery New York 2013

“Factorium No. 17” EXPOSURE Exhibition of Photography New York 2013

“G-Woman” Art Takes Times Square Premiere Event New York 2012

“Factorium” Camerawork Gallery Scranton 2012

“Factorium” The Chocolate and Art Show #6 Los Angeles 2010

“Factorium” The Photography Show Melrose LightSpace Los Angeles 2009

“Running on Empty” LiveLargeHere Los Angeles 2007

California Poppies” Ivar Hollywood Library Hollywood 2000

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