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BATTLE STUDIOS NEWS TICKER: The Photography Show October 17th, 2009



Los Angeles, CA, October 5, 2009 – Los Angeles based photographer Rebecca A. Battle will be one of eight photographers featured in The Photography Show curated by Peter Michelena of Melrose Lightspace. She will be showing sepia-toned vertical prints of American factories in a series entitled Factorium. Works from Wesley Brown, Jennifer Calderon, Jack Fleming, Nick Gill, Cathy Immordino, Jamie Johnson, and Annette Sage will also be on display.

The Photography Show will be on Saturday, October 17th from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. and is free to the public. Melrose Lightspace is located at 7600 Melrose Avenue, Suite N. on the corner of Melrose and Curson Avenue.

To view Rebecca A. Battle’s work go to To learn more about the Melrose Lightspace experience and upcoming events go to



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Curator’s Biography

Rebecca A. Battle is a conceptual, industrial, urban and American photographer. She applies a film professional background to create original photoplays, editorials, and photographic shorts utilizing her surroundings as ready-made set design to visually tell a story. Her work also brings attention to the mundane or abandoned by documenting the erosion of urban and rural America. The monographs suggest a sudden occurrence annihilated life with hardly a trace of human activity.

By combining a film industry background and photography, she creates original concepts and photoplays, and takes advantage of documenting real life stories that unfold in life. For instance, G-Woman is a photoplay about an FBI agent hunting down a criminal in the 1930s’. Or in the case of Board she spent enough time at Venice Skateboard Park to document little stories amongst the skaters.

During her career as a film professional in Los Angeles, Battle has worked in every genre and medium of filmmaking and is a classically trained pianist. She attended the liberal arts college Wilkes-University in Pennsylvania. You can follow her gallery of work and photographic adventures at



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“Flyboy No. 14” “Railyard No. 34” “Board No. 7” See Me Gallery New York 2013

“Factorium No. 17” EXPOSURE Exhibition of Photography New York 2013

“G-Woman” Art Takes Times Square Premiere Event New York 2012

“Factorium” Camerawork Gallery Scranton 2012

“Factorium” The Chocolate and Art Show #6 Los Angeles 2010

“Factorium” The Photography Show Melrose LightSpace Los Angeles 2009

“Running on Empty” LiveLargeHere Los Angeles 2007

California Poppies” Ivar Hollywood Library Hollywood 2000


MovieSlateThere are lingoes on movie sets. When the first assistant director announces enthusiastically, “that’s a wrap” after the last shot is filmed on set it means that hours, days, and perhaps months of rigorous work are over and everyone can look forward to a wrap party to celebrate their accomplishments. I ran across this abandoned studio in Santa Monica, California and have tried to research the history behind this studio to no avail. One time there were multiple studios like this one all over Los Angeles that provided work for thousands of dedicated Angelinos. That’s a wrap on these old studios, smashed by the wrecking ball undocumented, unidentified and lost to movie history forever.












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